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Air Force , U. Army When the first paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division hit the ground in Saudi Arabia, the first thing they noticed was the heat, the unrelenting degree heat. Then there was the sand, the fine, granular sand that would, in a light wind, blow into their eyes, ears and mouth and, if left unattended over time, start clogging or damaging almost every vehicle, weapon or piece of machinery they relied upon. There was little or no running water, much less enough drinking water, and food was basically limited to bland Meals, Ready to Eat MREs. Tents and cots were at a bare minimum. Such were the conditions on August 10, , when Army Maj. With four hand-picked logisticians 18 more would arrive August 15 , Pagonis aimed to create some semblance of order among the 4, soldiers and tons of equipment that began pouring out of C-5 and C cargo jets and onto the stove-like tarmac each day.

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The abandoned station is being restored. Better yet, contribute to its progress. Find more about the restoration, volunteer, or make a gift The Hopewell Junction station restoration is moving right along. Many thanks to ABC Awards for signs.

Looking for study partners in the KC Metro area, I’m in Overland Park. This is for CFA Level 2 in June Once or twice a week meetup would be good. Send me .

New England Patriots It says everything you need to know about Tom Brady that a team with a year-old starter could sit atop this list. But Brady just had one of his best seasons, and Jimmy Garoppolo is regarded as perhaps the top backup quarterback in the entire league. New England turned down all overtures for Garoppolo trades this offseason, which tells you the team was determined to keep its quarterback situation intact.

A decision awaits following the season on what to do with pending free agent Garoppolo — re-sign him, let him go, maybe franchise him? But the Patriots are in a position to evaluate Brady after another season and see what makes the most sense for and beyond. Backup Brett Hundley is also well-regarded, even though the only games we’ve really seen him play have been in the preseason.

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Today these tankers are often involved in supporting F Nighthawk stealth fighter operations, and are in the process of being re-engined to KC T standard. Upgrades Re-skinning Between and , Boeing replaced the lower wing skins of all surviving KC s to extend their useful lives to beyond the year The work involved replacing about 1, square feet of aluminum on the underside of the wings, which carry most of the wing load in flight, with an improved aluminum alloy.

The original wing surface consisted of a type of aluminum more susceptible to fatigue. Skin panels were milled, machined and contoured at Boeing.

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What is the address of the community? Yes, water, trash and sewer are included in the cost of rent. Are cats or dogs permitted in the apartment? No, cats and dogs are not permitted in the apartments. Is there a garage available? Yes, a garage and opener are included with the apartment. Is there any extra storage available?

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We Thank You for your support of our efforts to provide a safe discreet place to stay and meet in Kansas City. We offer Guestrooms Seven days a week including Holidays by Reservation please. Hydes Guesthouse is A Private Guesthouse, we do not take walk ins or are open to the public. Please Contact us more information to visit us, we look forward to serving your needs while in Kansas City.

Find contact or customer service information for KCP&L. Phone Number & Customer Services. KCP&L customer service is here to help you.

The Driver Solutions Network offer An applicant must first present identification and proof of residence. A current driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport are most commonly used for identification purposes, while the DMV will accept utility bills, mortgage statements and similar documents as proof of residence. All applicants must also pass a background check. This latter will check the applicant’s criminal and driving history.

If he or she has had a driver’s license in another state, the DMV will pull the applicant’s driving history for the past 10 years from that state. In addition, all applicants have to pass a physical and present a medical card that says they are in good health. Applicants may be disqualified for having a poor driving record or for having certain health conditions, such as epilepsy. They may also be disqualified from obtaining certain endorsements, such as the hazardous materials endorsement, if they have a criminal record.

The next step in the process is a knowledge exam. Each applicant must pass a test that assesses his or her knowledge of the rules, regulations and procedures for driving a commercial vehicle.

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Seasoning is the name given to the methods of drying timber There are two methods by which timber can be dried: Air drying Air-drying is the drying of timber by exposing it to the air. The technique of air-drying consists mainly of making a stack of sawn timber with the layers of boards separated by stickers on raised foundations, in a clean, cool, dry and shady place.

Rate of drying largely depends on climatic conditions, and on the air movement exposure to the wind. For successful air-drying, a continuous and uniform flow of air throughout the pile of the timber needs to be arranged. Coating the planks with any substance that is relatively impermeable to moisture can control the rate of loss of moisture; ordinary mineral oil is usually quite effective.

Nestled on the East side of the Westport entertainment district, Bistro is an upscale gay bar/bistro through and through, but the straight crowd doesn’t feel out of place either. boasts a great happy hour, a small plate menu and a great weekend brunch.

The wind was roaring out of the northeast. Brown dirt blew up from the barren dry fields patching this agriculturally quilted landscape of central California. By the time we got our car and found North, the smoke cloud cut through the sky above. The Paradise Fire roared to the north; we would learn of its devastation later that night.

The four of us set out to see the countryside, taste new wines, splurge on delicious food, and enjoy a break. We set off with lofty goals and we not disappointed. The air-filled with smoke which became a diffuser for the light the remainder of the trip. The soft yellow sunlight filtered by smoke. Ash fell on our car overnight. Todd and Janet have been friends for years.

They live down our road and are volunteers for the Hoback Fire Station.

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Prince Rupert Awakes While it’s good that Robert Fripp was so intent on avoiding a second ‘clone’ of Court, this is a clear example of my belief that change is only for the better if, well, it’s for the better. Except for Fripp and Sinfield, all remnants of the Court lineup have been swept away by this time, and it’s obvious that Robert wanted to make a clean break from the stylistics of the first two albums and establish his own identity.

There are some people who played on Wake – Gordon Haskell is now the bassist and lead vocalist, Mel Collins is the fulltime woodwinds player, as well as a couple of others – but the sound couldn’t possibly be more different from that on those albums. The problem, though, isn’t that the album is different.

The problem is that the album sucks.

Jul 08,  · You would very likely need a TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) cable. It looks like a standard guitar cable, but has 3 conductors on the 1/4″ connector. The cable itself has .

The tattoo artist must have some experience with doing cupcakes in the past, or perhaps they are so good they can do virtually anything. The research that you do will lead you to the best one in Orlando, a tattoo artist that will provide you with the best cupcake tattoo. There are a few strategies that you should use in order to find the best tattoo artist in the Orlando Florida area. By simply searching for an Orlando Florida cupcake tattoo artist, you will have several businesses show up in the listings.

Some of them will be in the local listings, organic listings, and also the paid advertisements. The way that you choose the initial contenders for this tattoo that you want begins with looking at their portfolio. If they have a substantial number of tattoos, you may find that they will have done tattoos of cupcakes in the past. You can compare the different ones that you find with each different tattoo artist, choosing the ones that you like the best. This will narrow your list down to just a few of the top Orlando tattoo shops, leading you to the next step.

You can tell them the size of the tattoo that you would like to have, where it will be on your body, and what type of colors you would like on your cupcake. You can provide them with images of the tattoos that you would like to have, or samples from other websites that you have discovered. Based upon this information, each tattoo artist will be able to come up with a rough estimate as to how much it will cost.

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Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly, cold-hearted creditor, continues his stingy ways on Christmas Eve. He rejects a dinner invitation and all the good tidings of the season from his nephew, Fred; he yells at charity workers; and he overworks his earnest employee, Bob Cratchit. Holiday cheer rings out at Worlds of Fun during the annual WinterFest celebration.

Thousands of sparkling lights transform the park with an inviting glow that warms the hearts and lifts the spirit. Witness festive live shows, meet iconic holiday characters, join holiday activities like ice skating and cookie decorating, ride select park attractions and create lasting memories with family and friends.

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Basically little nuggets of writing, exactly words long. Steven lay with his eyes closed tight. The truth lived in a chic condo on the other side of Ann Arbor, wearing pumps and pearls, and serving red wine to her book club, cream carpet and pale peach upholstery be damned. He huffed a near silent, bitter laugh. Drinks with the guys. One of the younger, very junior associates at the firm had dared Steven and several of the more senior associates to try a local club — called Candyland, of all the stupid things — that catered to a goth, slightly edgy, younger crowd.

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