Dota 2 hero win rates

Dota 2 hero win rates

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This new auto attack modifier stuns enemies for 0.

You can help Liquipedia by expanding it.

I was able to ‘donate’ some funds for the event and I get some items which was nice.

Based on scores by our most trusted members.

Rupture (Strygwyr’s Claws) - Leaves a rupture on the target after the hook finishes.

As mentioned, the flexibility of roles and laning in Dota 2 means that even the most unorthodox picks and strategies can work at times. Your Teammates and your opponents have almost same skill level, almost same hours played, almost same number of games won and almost same KDA ratio. The map itself never changes and the play field is always the same.

Respawn timers are long.

See you next year, guys. And I for one think they are more fun.

dota 2 hero win rates Additionally, you also have a choice of ultimate abilities, which is a really cool feature.

dota 2 hero win rates

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