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The first half of the article is included below. Given the large body of research on olfaction, it is not surprising that, in some cases, there should be an association with sexual behavior. As Bieber noted, smell is a powerful sexual stimulus. Furthermore, the erotic focus is most likely to relate to body odors of a sexual partner, including genital odors. One subtype of olfactophilia is eproctophilia. This is a paraphilia in which people are sexually aroused by flatulence Aggrawal,

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Next 10 Bizarre Sexual Paraphilias A paraphilia is an intense sexual attraction to something considered atypical or extreme. The attraction can be centered on an abnormal source, such as an object, a certain body part, or an abnormal activity. Some paraphilias are illegal and considered detestable in most societies, such as pedophilia. Others are completely legal and harmless, albeit still fairly odd. The reason people become sexually attracted to abnormal sources or activities remains highly debated.

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SHARE Olfactophilia is a paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual pleasure and arousal from smells and odours. Typically, the erotic focus relates to body odours of a sexual partner, including genital odours. One arguably bizarre sub-type of olfactophilia is eproctophilia. This refers to a condition in which people are sexually attracted to flatulence. A couple of years ago I published the first academic study of an eproctophile in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

My paper was a case study of Brad a pseudonym , a year old single man from Illinois in the United States. Brad first contacted me after he read a blog I had written on eproctophilia I was interested to know where the roots of his fetish began and he explained that it all started when a girl he had a crush on at school farted in a science class.

As he told me: In terms of relationships, I am straight [heterosexual]. I could only date or have romantic feelings towards a female.


The response was not straightforward: I could only date or have romantic feelings towards a female. Brad was a year old single man from Illinois. Brad was asked about his thoughts surrounding eproctophilia. I knew by simple biology that girls farted, but hearing that the girl I had been fawning over was capable of such a thing sparked a strange interest in me.

Feb 17,  · Some claim eproctophilia is a “softer form” of coprophilia (in which people are sexually aroused by faeces). The majority of eproctophiles accept their fetish and don’t believe there is.

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Welcome to /r/Eproctophilia! This is for those with a fart fetish to post any content related to the fetish. This is for those with a fart fetish to post any content related to .

Sometimes these concerns are their primary presenting issue, but usually not. More often, sexual issues lurk in the background, hiding behind depression, anxiety, fear of rejection, shame, and similar problems. Recognizing this, I find it useful to incorporate a few very basic sex-related questions into the initial assessment with every client. Unfortunately, many therapists and clients are uncomfortable discussing sexual issues.

As such, it is important for any initial queries to sound as neutral as possible. A few non-threatening questions I typically ask are: Do you have any concerns about your current or past sexual or romantic behaviors? Has anyone ever expressed concern about your sexual or romantic behaviors? Is there anything about your sexual or romantic life that feels shameful to you or that you work to keep secret? By posing queries and nonjudgmentally following up as indicated, we give clients permission to talk about their sex life and the ways in which it might be affecting them.

At this point, some readers may be wondering exactly what I mean when I use the words kink, fetish, and paraphilia. In my work, I tend to define kinks as nontraditional sexual behaviors that people sometimes use to spice things up, but that they can take or leave depending on their partner, their mood, etc. Fetishes are nontraditional sexual interests or behaviors kinks that are, for a particular individual, a deep and abiding and possibly even necessary element of sexual arousal and activity.

You think you’ve heard it allbut meet the world’s first eproctophile

Posted by drmarkgriffiths Olfactophilia also known as osmolagnia, osphresiolagnia, and ozolagnia is a paraphilia where an individual derives sexual pleasure from smells and odours. The erotic focus is most likely to relate to body odours of a sexual partner, including genital odours. One bizarre sub-type of olfactophilia is eproctophilia. This refers to a condition in which people are sexually attracted to flatulence.

Therefore, eproctophiles are said to spend an abnormal amount of time thinking about flatulence, and have recurring intense sexual urges and fantasies involving flatulence.

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Feces — Feces or faeces are the solid or semisolid metabolic waste from an animals digestive tract, discharged through the anus or cloaca during a process called defecation. Urine and feces together are called excreta, collected feces has various uses, namely as fertilizer or soil conditioner in agriculture, as a fuel source, or for medicinal purposes. After an animal has digested eaten material, the remains of material are discharged from its body as waste. Although it is lower in energy than the food from which it is derived, feces may retain a large amount of energy and this means that of all food eaten, a significant amount of energy remains for the decomposers of ecosystems.

Many organisms feed on feces, from bacteria to fungi to insects such as dung beetles, some may specialize in feces, while others may eat other foods as well. Feces serve not only as a food, but also as a supplement to the usual diet of some animals.

Eproctophilia. If you’re dating an Eproctophiliac, expect romantic candle lit dinners at home where you’re served healthy portions of beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and perhaps some prunes for dessert. Why? Because Eproctophilia is a sexual attraction to flatulence. Gross? Well, we try not to judge.

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