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Hemmed in by the northern fringe of the vindhya ranges, Bhimbetka lies 46 Kms. The rocky terrain of dense forest and craggy cliffs has over shelters belonging to the Neolithic age. They had a vivid, panoramic detail, painting in over caves depicting the lives of pre-historic cave dwellers. This invaluable chronicle on the history of man, should not be missed. You can enjoy the paintings depicting everyday events of our ancestors like scenes of hunting, dancing, horse and elephant riding, household scenes, honey collection, animal fighting scenes etc. Bhojpur The magnificent temple of Bhojpur , which has earned the nomenclature of the Somnath of the East is known as the Bhojeshwar temple. Dating back to the period of Raja Bhoj, The legendary Parmar king of Dhar , the temple is about years old.

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It has been in the scene of momentous events, imprisonment, battles and jauhars. A steep road winds upwards to the fort, flanked by statues of the Jain tirthankaras, carved into the rock face. The magnificent outer walls of the fort still stand, two miles in length and 35 feet high, bearing witness to its reputation for being one of the most invincible forts of India.

The Fort. Standing on a steep mass of sandstone, Gwalior Fort dominates the city and is its most significant monument. It has been the scene of momentous events, imprisonment, battles and jauhars.

These 3 sectors have many industries. Legend has it that Gwalior was founded in 8th century AD by a chieftain known as Suraj Sen or Surya Sen of Kachwaha Rajput clan who, when struck by a deadly disease, was cured by a hermit-saint Galav. As a mark of respect to the saint, he built the city of Gwalior after the name of the saint. Steeped in its past splendor it was ruled by several dynasties including the Pratiharas, Kachwahas and Tomars who have left imprints of their rule, in this city of outstanding palaces, sacred temples and glorious monuments.

It is also the birthplace of great musician Tansen. Within the fort you will find a number of elaborately carved sculptures and paintings.

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Palaeoarchaean TTG magmatism between 3. The results are crucial for understanding the extent of reworking vs juvenile crustal growth during Palaeoarchaean—Neoarchaean and also provide new information on the temporal gap between Palaeoarchaean TTG and Neoarchaean granodiorite—granite magmatism. These data reveal that the Bundelkhand Craton was affected by at least four discrete episodes of Palaeoarchaean TTG magmatism between 3.

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The state has no coastline and no international frontier. It is bounded by the states of Uttar Pradesh to the northeast, Chhattisgarh to the southeast, Maharashtra to the south, Gujarat to the southwest, and Rajasthan to the northwest. The capital is Bhopal , in the west-central part of the state. Area , square miles , square km. Land Madhya Pradesh lies over a transitional area between the Indo-Gangetic Plain in the north and the Deccan plateau in the south.

Its physiography is characterized by low hills, extensive plateaus, and river valleys. Relief The elevation of Madhya Pradesh ranges from to 3, feet 90 to 1, metres. In the northern part of the state the land rises generally from south to north, while in the southern part it increases in elevation toward the west. Important ranges of hills are the Vindhya Range , in the west, and its northern branch, the Kaimur Hills, both of which reach elevations of 1, feet metres , and the Satpura , Mahadeo , and Maikala ranges, in the south, which have elevations of more than 3, feet metres.

Northwest of the Vindhya Range is the Malwa Plateau 1, to 2, feet [ to metres]. Other features include the Rewa Plateau, in the rugged eastern region of the Vindhya Range, the Bundelkhand Upland, north of the Vindhyas, the Madhya Bharat Plateau , in the extreme northwest, and the Baghelkhand Plateau, in the northeast. Drainage and soils Madhya Pradesh contains the source of some of the most important rivers in the Indian peninsula:

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Dating back to the 16 th-century, Orchha is a royal town exuding a rustic charm. Equally important as other historical places in Madhya Pradesh, the city flaunts its meticulously designed temples, majestic palaces, grand forts etc.

One of the lesser known but important monuments are the temples at Gyaraspur. Bhopal Beautiful Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, is situated in picturesque setting, around two magnificent lakes. The city is literally the heart of India and casts an unusual spell on the visitor right from the moment one arrives. Historical monuments, old mosques and palaces, lakes, well laid out gardens and parks, bustling market places of the old and the new city are a feast in store for tourists.

The city Bhopal was named after its founder Raja Bhoj. The famous 10th century ruler of Paramara dynasty, who is believed to have built the big lake of Bhopal. The glorious city was destroyed in 15th century by Sultan Hoshang Shah of Malwa. The existing city was built by Dost Mohammad Khan, a Afghan Governor who seceded from the Mughal empire after Aurangzeb’s death and established his own dynasty – the Nawabs of Bhopal a royal family that continues to this day.

Bhopal was also ruled by two efficient women rulers namely Sikander Begum and Shah Jehan Begum Shah Jehan Begum, the great queen and the eighth ruler of Bhopal, built many magnificent monuments in the city and is credited with Bhopal’s postal system, railways and waterworks. Bhopal today presents a multi-faceted profile, the old city with its teeming market places, fine old mosques and palaces which bear the aristocratic imprint of its former rulers and the new beautifully planned city with wide avenues, parks and gardens, government buildings and residential areas which are functional, practical and aesthetic.

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Places to Visit The Fort Standing on a steep mass of sandstone, Gwalior Fort dominates the city and is its most significant monument. It has been the scene of momentous events, imprisonment, battles and jauhars. A steep road winds upwards to the fort, flanked by statues of the Jain tirthankaras, carved into the rock face.

The magnificent outer walls of the fort still stand, two miles in length and 35 feet high, bearing witness to its reputation for being one of the most invincible forts of India. This imposing structure inspired Emperor Babur to describe it as ” the pearl amongst the fortresses of Hind “.

Check out these 10 amazing places to visit near Delhi in winters to take a break from the hustle-bustle of life in the metro & have great weekends. With a history dating back to the Vedic age, Gwalior has a rich heritage of art and culture. Its contribution to the Indian classical music is worth mentioning.

Mantras from the early Vedic period before BCE invoke powers of ten from a hundred all the way up to a trillion, and provide evidence of the use of arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, squares, cubes and roots. A 4th Century CE Sanskrit text reports Buddha enumerating numbers up to , as well as describing six more numbering systems over and above these, leading to a number equivalent to Given that there are an estimated atoms in the whole universe, this is as close to infinity as any in the ancient world came.

It also describes a series of iterations in decreasing size, in order to demonstrate the size of an atom, which comes remarkably close to the actual size of a carbon atom about 70 trillionths of a metre. As early as the 3rd or 2nd Century BCE, Jain mathematicians recognized five different types of infinities: Ancient Buddhist literature also demonstrates a prescient awareness of indeterminate and infinite numbers, with numbers deemed to be of three types: Like the Chinese , the Indians early discovered the benefits of a decimal place value number system, and were certainly using it before about the 3rd Century CE.

They refined and perfected the system, particularly the written representation of the numerals, creating the ancestors of the nine numerals that thanks to its dissemination by medieval Arabic mathematicans we use across the world today, sometimes considered one of the greatest intellectual innovations of all time.

The earliest use of a circle character for the number zero was in India The Indians were also responsible for another hugely important development in mathematics. The earliest recorded usage of a circle character for the number zero is usually attributed to a 9th Century engraving in a temple in Gwalior in central India. But the brilliant conceptual leap to include zero as a number in its own right rather than merely as a placeholder, a blank or empty space within a number, as it had been treated until that time is usually credited to the 7th Century Indian mathematicians Brahmagupta – or possibly another Indian, Bhaskara I – even though it may well have been in practical use for centuries before that.

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Like the heart, which pumps the blood into our body keeping it alive and healthy, Madhya Pradesh is a life giving factor in our country. Madhya Pradesh owes much to the reign of different dynasties over a long period of time for its rich history and majestic monuments that are incredibly famous amongst world travellers. The state is indeed a perfect reflection of India as it blends in both urbanity and historical events so well. Here are some of the best places in Madhya Pradesh that will make you plan a trip soon to this undoubtedly beautiful state: Khajuraho Khajuraho can rightly be called the epitome of Indian art.

A group of 22 temples is all it takes to make Khajuraho famous amongst world travellers.

Gwalior Monuments Gujari Mahal On an outcrop of Vindhyan sandstone on a steep, rocky, solitary, thin and long hill known as Gopachal, Gwalior Fort was built in a successful manner.

In the 8th century, a chieftain called Suraj Sen was stricken by a deadly disease. He was cured by the hermit saint Gwalipa, and in gratitude founded a city which he named after the saint who had given him the gift of new life. A historic city, Gwalior, the former princely state is famed for its outstanding palaces, sacred temples and glorious monuments. Gwalior’s history is as fascinating as the attractions in the city.

A cradle of great dynasties, this fabulous city was in existence over the centuries. The magnificent momentoes of a glorious past have been preserved with care, giving Gwalior an appeal unique and timeless. Gwalior is considered to be a city where a rich cultural tradition has been interwoven into the fabric of modern life.

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Miscellaneous Place in Gwalior Submit By: Even though many of these have been defaced by the iconoclastic Mughals, their perfection of form has survived the ravages of time. Particularly worth seeing is the statue of Shalbhanjika from Gyraspur, the tree goddess, epitome of perfection in miniature.

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It is as loved by Indians as it is by foreigners who throng here in large numbers to admire its beauty. The city was first mentioned in Mahabharata as Agrevana which means the border of the forest. It was later established by Sikandar Lodi of the Lodi Dynasty in the sixteenth century who built many structures including forts, step wells, mosques, etc in Agra. He moved his capital from Delhi to Agra and after his death, his son ruled the city for nine years.

It was after the decline of the Mughal Empire and during the reign of the Marathas that Akbarabad became Agra. By , it came under the British Raj that remained strong for most part until India gained independence in Runukta of Hinduism and Shauripur of Jainism too have their links to Agra. A trip to Agra is incomplete without paying a visit to these that will take you back to an era of its glorious past.

Interestingly, it is km away from the state capital Lucknow and only km away from Delhi. The city is on the banks of the River Yamuna and enjoys a healthy influx of tourists all year round. There are four main railway heads in Agra:

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Sankalia theorized that the chalcolithic settlements at Ujjain were probably destroyed by the Iron Age settlers. This city covered an irregular pentagonal area of 0. It was surrounded by a 12 m high mud rampart. The archaeological investigations have also indicated the presence of a 45 m wide and 6.

Gwalior is one of the most popular cities in Madhya Pradesh and has some great places to visit. the mighty Gwalior fort is its most precious jewel. The Scindia museum and the Saas Bahu temple are.

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You may find that getting from Delhi to Agra to Jaipur comprises the most evocative aspect of an Indian holiday. Domestic flights notwithstanding, Indians still clock up a phenomenal quantity of rail miles and, in general, the trains are well organised and efficient. Trains have eight classes of travel, from unreserved wooden benches to air-conditioned berths that include bedding and meals.

Each class has its own code, which you’ll need to know. In addition, every train service is identified by a four-digit train number, quoted in the timetable, and every station is identified by its own alphabetic code – very important in cities such as Agra, where there is more than one large station.

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