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Both have supposedly come over from Jamaica to visit Josie’s son, Mick Sylvester Williams , however it soon becomes clear that the purpose for their visit is not as innocent as Josie initially makes out. Mick is expecting his mother, but is surprised when she turns up with Kim, whom he has never met or heard of before. Josie claims that Kim is a distant relative, whom she is looking after for a while. However, it is subsequently revealed that instead of being a distant relative, Kim is actually Mick’s half-sister. Kim is the product of an affair Mick’s father had when he was temporarily estranged from Josie. Her mother had died when she was eight and Josie – who had lost her husband by then too – adopted Kim, rather than see her taken into care. Mick is shocked at this revelation, but he is a pretty easy going guy, so he soon accepts Kim as his new little sister, although he find Kim’s tagging around after him a little irksome at first.

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She argues with Ian Beale Adam Woodyatt but helps out when the funfair collapses. She moves to the Square and becomes friends with Ian. Jane tells Grant she is not in love with him. Phil tells Ian about the affair so Ian proposes to Jane, quietly planning to humiliate her at the wedding.

Although no one likes to use the word, there is a definite air of crisis at the BBC’s studios in Elstree these days. Elaine Lordan, the year-old actress who plays Lynne Hobbs, has just been.

Whitney tells Lily about Ryan saying she could possibly meet him. When he confronts her, she tells him that Lucy was sending her abusive texts about her looks, and that she completely despised her. And in a case of art imitating life, upcoming scenes will see his soap character Mick Carter confess to cheating on wife Linda, rocking their relationship.

On the day she turns sixteen, Whitney confesses everything to Bianca. Fatboy publicly declares his love for Whitney, but when he is unable to give her a driving lesson, Lucy now suggests that Tyler do it, because she knows that Tyler likes Whitney. When he finds him, they fight and fall over the edge of the pier.

EastEnders’ Steve McFadden on relationship with Lucy Taggart: ‘Hacking ruined us’

The couple have been dating for the past 18 months. But away from the cameras, love is still blooming for Who is tyler from eastenders dating in real life and Neil who play Brookside’s Jacqui Dixon and Robbie Moffat. Here’s our guide to soap’s steamy secrets.

These actors weren’t always acting when filming scenes in their soaps, some of them fell for each other in real life too! From EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks, to Australian soaps Neighbours and Home and Away, these stars are proof that love can be found at work.

Some left Albert Square for a bright future and others, unfortunately, saw their demise on the show, but where are your favorite past characters today? Aidan, played by Sean Maguire falls for Mandy Salter, who becomes a bad influence on him. He is eventually in a car accident which gives him career ending injuries. After leading him down a dark path, Mandy and Aidan eventually become the most hated residents in Walford and end up homeless together. After a a series of unfortunate, Aidan comes to his senses and blames Mandy for all his misfortunes and returns to his homeland of Ireland.

After taking a day job as a taxi driver, he eventually partners with Steve Owen and begins managing a nightclub. Beppe eventually falls in love with Lynne Slater. He unsuccessfully tries to convince her to not marry Garry Hobbs. When he finds out his mother has died he sells the club and leaves Walford to be with his family. Michael Greco won the British Soap award for sexiest male in both and for his role as Beppe.

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She enjoys shopping, making money and spending money. Lucy cheated on her GCSEs and had to retake them. In spite of her constant need to rebel, Lucy loved her dad and brothers dearly and was fiercely protective of her family. She played a key role in ending her dad’s relationship with Mandy Salter for this very reason.

Viewers are left confused after EastEnders character Sonia Jackson reveals a baby bump. who plays her, is expecting in real life. after two years of dating. Nat’s also got a daughter.

Ben Mitchell Currently Harry Reid. Previously, Charlie Jones, Joshua Pascoe. Has traces of this from time to time. Had many attractions to males but had a baby with Lola and currently is in a relationship with Abi. Has finally come out as gay and was in a relationship with Paul until his death. He’s slept with Johnny Carter but nothing ever came of it.

He claims to no longer be gay. No one except his girlfriend Abi buys it. He eventually dumped Abi after finding out she’d lied about being pregnant.

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In , Cindy hires a hitman to kill Ian, but he survives and fearing she will be arrested, she goes on the run with Peter and her eldest son, Steven Beale Stuart Stevens , and she is unable to get Lucy. Cindy returns to Walford with her boyfriend, Nick Holland Dominic Taylor , and she wins custody of Steven, Lucy and Peter now played by Joseph Shade , but is arrested for attempted murder and is remanded in custody, so the children stay with Ian.

Steven, Lucy and Peter grow up with various stepmothers:

From EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks, to Australian soaps Neighbours and Home and Away, these stars are proof that love can be found at work.

He gets on well with his dad, Ian Beale and his younger troublesome teenage sister Cindy Williams. He was in a relationship with Lauren Branning and went to court to try to plea her innocence. He began dating her in December He is named after his paternal grandfather, Pete Beale, who died on the day of his birth. Peter was brought up by both his parents until , when Cindy leaves with Peter and his half brother, Steven following her failed attempt to have Ian killed by a hitman.

Peter is taken to Italy, where Ian finds him in and takes him home without Cindy’s consent. Cindy is given custody of all three children in , but she is arrested directly after the court case for the attempted murder of Ian. She dies during childbirth in prison, but her baby, Cindy Williams, survives and is given to Cindy’s sister Gina Williams.

Peter then grows up with various women acting as his stepmother, one of whom, Laura Beale, provides Peter with another half brother, Bobby Beale , in Peter is injured when a fairground ride collapsed in but is saved from the wreckage by Den Watts and Dennis Rickman. Ian meets his fourth wife, Jane Beale, at this fair. On the drive home, Phil swerves the car to avoid a fallen tree; the car flips, crashes and rolls into a lake with Ben and Peter still inside. Ben is conscious however Peter is knocked out in the crash.

As the car sinks and fills with water, Phil goes to rescue the boys; however, Peter’s foot gets caught on a seatbelt, he passes out and nearly drowns, but is saved by CPR from Phil.

Corrie’s Lucy Fallon reduced to tears by real

For almost a year, Ian raises Lucy alone until Cindy returns to fight for custody of her children after Ian tracks her down and snatches the boys back. Cindy is granted custody but is arrested immediately after the court case for attempting to murder Ian. Cindy dies in prison, shortly after delivering her younger daughter. Lucy then grows up with various stepmothers, the first of whom, Melanie Healy Tamzin Outhwaite , only marries Ian after Ian lies that Lucy has cancer.

The marriage ends when Melanie discovers the lie. Second stepmother, Laura Hannah Waterman , gives birth to a half-brother, Bobby.

Hollyoaks stars Sophie Porley and Adam Woodward have confirmed they are dating in real life. The couple went public in a sweet social media post, after finding love on the C4 soap.

Dan Osborne, 23, and Jacqueline Jossa, 21, who have been officially dating for several months, confirmed their happy baby news on Friday 15th August. In a statement released by Dan’s management, he said: Becoming a father has been the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. We’ve taken a look at her character’s current arc – and taken a look at some of the possibilities… 1 Lauren Branning goes to prison Did Lauren Branning murder Lucy Beale?

According to our timeline, Jacqueline Jossa will be giving birth sometime around February – just in time for the show’s 30th anniversary celebrations and the conclusion to the ‘who killed Lucy Beale? Does that mean Lauren could be heading to prison for the murder of her BFF? Judging by her role as amateur sleuth in previous episodes – and her insistence that ex-boyfriend Jake Stone was the killer – this seems unlikely.

But, y’know, it IS Albert Square – anything can happen! Lauren Branning has had difficulties with drink in the past, battling her many demons with a little help from a vodka bottle – so perhaps the identity of Lucy Beale’s killer could be what drives her back onto the path of self-destruction once again. Does this mean someone close to her – possibly Peter Beale or sister Abi – could be the culprit? We know she’s going to sleep with Hot Dean aka Shirley’s son, Dean Wicks , so perhaps an unplanned pregnancy could be the result?

It could be just the thing to make Dean take responsibility for his actions – but, then again, it would drive a wedge between Lauren and Peter Beale forever. Unless, of course, it turns out to be his baby… 4 Lauren Branning goes to visit mum Tanya Lauren Branning could go and visit mum Tanya for a while Could Lauren Branning be killed off, just like Lucy Beale?

EastEnders: Lucy Beale’s killer revealed Max Branning ‘confesses on live TV’

Read on to find out! He fell head over heels for Mandy Salter, who went on to lead him down a self-destructive path. More unfortunate events occurred and eventually, Aidan began to blame Mandy for his misfortunes. He ended up returning to Ireland, which is where he was born. The pair began dating and Stella eventually moved in with him. She began mentally and physically abusing Ben, calling him names and pinching him.

Madeline Duggan plays Lauren Branning on the television soap – Eastenders.. Madeline Duggan is a 15 year old actress. She has been in many things such us “spoilt eggs” and ” between us”. currently she plays Lauren Branning in the television soap eastenders.

The healthy regime seems to be working. I have two young girls, I want to set a good example. I just want to focus on being happy and healthy. I had months in a bad phase after I broke a bone in my foot in April and did a lot of sitting around. Friends and family would come over and either bring food or cook for me, and I could feel myself getting wider and wider in my big comfy armchair. I felt so great after that trip that I went back again with Amanda, Nicola and Angela.

Her first big break came when she was spotted by the playwright Alan Ayckbourn, who then directed her in Absent Friends at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough in Tamzin with friends from left Angela Griffin, Amanda Holden and Nicola Stephenson, left, and, right, with ex-husband Tom Ellis By her early 30s she had everything but the perfect relationship. The couple were introduced by the actor James McAvoy when he worked with Tamzin on Breathing Corpses at The Royal Court, a role that cemented her move from soap-star she quit EastEnders in to respected theatre actress.

Within three years she and Tom were married and doting parents, with the birth of their first daughter in The pair were a golden couple: But in , their seven-year relationship ended with Tom leaving to pursue a career in Hollywood and admitting he had cheated on her.

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He subsequently appeared in five episodes in , before returning for an episode in Les was reintroduced as a regular character in April and continued to appear until 14 October when the character was axed from the show. He tells them he used to know Pat when he was an apprentice, implying he was her client when she was a prostitute, and offers a discount on the funeral.

Shona Bernadette McGarty (born 14 October in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire) is an English actress and singer best known for the role of Whitney Dean in the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email It’s a busy, busy week for the residents of Walford this week as the nation finally find out who killed Lucy Beale. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, EastEnders is set to reveal the answer to the question which has been on our lips for months now: EastEnders love a good whodunnit, following the success of the Who Shot Phil?

The clues – Lucy’s body is discovered by a young girl walking with her grandfather on Walford Common. The cause of death was a deliberate head injury. The lack of blood on the Common means Lucy was murdered elsewhere and dumped there. Her purse and phone were also missing. Who killed Lucy Beale? He recognises the handwriting and confronts the writer who is Whitney, who declares that Lucy had been relentlessly cyber-bullying her about her weight and appearance, and that she hated Lucy.

Tamwar agrees not to say anything. Whitney Dean – When Lee Carter returns to Walford, he tells his family that he saw Billy arguing with Lucy on the night she was murdered.

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