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Of those surveyed, Here are some ideas to get started: See a Broadway Show Skip the big screen, and watch a Broadway show instead. Look for fun and romantic Broadway show ideas by visiting Telecharge to pick up tickets in advance. Experience the energy of the stage together, and try to guess which actors have been in other plays, movies and TV shows. After the show, wander around the outside of the theater to see if you can catch an actor slipping away from the crowds and score an autograph on your playbill to commemorate your romantic date night. Go on an Instagram Date Document your date by snapping selfies and photos of you and your valentine, and post them on Instagram.

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A snatcher has a crush on you and started to follow you everywhere. He tries to kidnap you. What do you do? I’ll use the Avada Kedavra on him!!!

Whether you’re looking for a one-time, Valentine’s-Day-focused get-together or a lasting companion in life, dating apps can help you find that special someone. OkCupid With OkCupid you fill out a super-detailed profile and answer many questions to help the service determine those .

Looking for Valentine’s Day Gifts? Valentine’s Day may be over for , but we’ll be back with more sweet gifts to share the love in You’ve come to the right place! Choose from our most popular gifts, shop new trends, and find great Valentine’s Day gifts at every price point. Looking for gifts for her? Show your Valentine how amazing she is with a gift from the heart.


Sahil had participated in the first Lovestruck speed dating event held in the Capital in January after his friend forwarded him a Facebook invite. He was one of 26 people 13 men and 13 women who had been carefully selected for the maiden event of the dating company that hopes to provide this offline platform of meeting people across the country. Over the decades, the idea became popular across countries as a means to meet single people, not just for marriage, but casual dating as well.

And in the post-Tinder era, it appears to be currying more favour than before. People often find it difficult to express, to emote, or sometimes, even acknowledge feelings of love or desire. This open thought is what probably makes the time ripe for speed dating to pick up pace here.

Your Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day For all your Valentine’s Day, Anti-Valentine’s Day, and Galentine’s Day needs How a Food Editor Hacks Valentine’s Day Dining Around DC. Dine out like a pro, no pricey prix fixe or gimmicks involved Because dating is overrated anyway. Read More.

Here, she gives us her top tips on everything from dating to getting intimate, no matter what your disability. So remember, never feel ashamed to feel and talk about your needs. There are a number of ways in which you can express your sexuality and who you are — clothing, hairstyles etc. Becoming confident, in life and sexually, is key.

A number of disabled people say that they feel more comfortable with another disabled partner as they share experiences. Women sometimes find a vibrator on a long stem can be the perfect solution. The Hitachi Magic Wand is a good example of this. Men may need someone to place a sex toy over their erection and maybe strap it on. For more on the sex toys available and which ones are best for different impairments, read my ultimate guide to sex toys.

Disability forces you to communicate with a partner, and this is one of the most important ingredients that go into having a good sex life.

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Waiting for me were five lengthy text messages from a guy I had been seeing for two months. Each text was carefully analyzed for hidden meaning. It was yet another box to check as we sought a significant other: And many of the old, gendered traditions of who reaches out to whom and when have for better or worse persisted.

But unlike the phone call, which has been around for decades, texting and messaging are new enough that no one can agree on what the hard and fast rules are, which means a typo might doom a future relationship.

February 12, February 13, Suzie the Single Dating Diva Valentine’s Day Survival Guide If You’re Single and Dating The holiday singles dread more than any other is Valentine’s Day.

The feast of Lupercalia was a pagan fertility and health festival, observed from February 13th through the 15th, that was celebrated at least as far back as 44 BCE the year Julius Caesar was assassinated. Some historians believe it goes back even further, though with possibly a different name. Connected to the Roman god Lupercus, the equivalent to the Greek god Pan , the festival was originally supposed to be about shepherds and bringing health and fertility to their sheep and cows.

When it became more ingrained into Roman culture, it additionally celebrated Lupa also another possible reason it is named what it is , the she-wolf who nursed the legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, to health. Religious offerings happened at the cave on Palatine Hill, the place where Rome was thought to be founded. The ceremonies were filled with animal sacrifices, the wearing of goat skins, and nudity. When everyone was fat and happy, the men would shed their clothes, drape the goat skins from the earlier sacrifice on their naked bodies, and run around the city striking naked women.

Lupercalia, of which many write that it was anciently celebrated by shepherds, and has also some connection with the Arcadian Lycaea. At this time many of the noble youths and of the magistrates run up and down through the city naked, for sport and laughter striking those they meet with shaggy thongs. And many women of rank also purposely get in their way, and like children at school present their hands to be struck, believing that the pregnant will thus be helped in delivery, and the barren to pregnancy.

It has also been speculated that there was match-making that went on during the feast, akin to what people did at festivals during the Middle Ages. Whether the original feast had it or not, later, young men would draw names of young woman, randomly pairing up one another during the feast. If the pairing was agreeable, a marriage could potentially be arranged.

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However, there are few countries which celebrate the day somewhat differently. Lets have a look on top 10 countries which have different tradition for 14th Feb and sometime these tradition are strange: In South Korea, gift giving starts on 14th Feb when its upto women to woo their men with chocolates and gifts and in return they get the gifts from men on 14th March which is called as White Day. However, people of Denmark have their own style of celebrating the day.

Three other authors who made poems about birds mating on St. Valentine’s Day around the same years: Otton de Grandson from Savoy, John Gower from England, and a knight called Pardo from Valencia. Chaucer most probably predated all of them but, due to the difficulty of dating medieval works, it is not possible to ascertain which of the four first had the idea and influenced the others.

Here, the day is observed as a holiday. Originally held to honor St Valentine and express love to sweethearts, the scope of the day has come to be so widened that it has now become an occassion to express gratitude and love to not only sweethearts and spouses, but also to teachers, parents or any other close relation or acquaintance. The modern celebrations of the day sees people complementing their dear ones with gifts that include popular items as cards, fresh flowers like rose, chocolates and candies.

Dinner and dance parties are specially organized all over the country to celebrate the occasion. Many couples hold private celebrations in homes or restaurants and gift flowers, a box of candy, or some other present to one another. Sending candies on Valentine’s Day has been a very popular tradition and it still is. Most valentine candy boxes are heart-shaped and tied with red ribbon. These contain tiny pastel-colored candies shaped like hearts with some lovely messages like “Be Mine”, “Thank You” or “Cool Dude” printed on them.

In the US, children celebrate Valentine’s Day with great enthusiasm. In keeping with their interest, many schools hold Valentine’s Day programmes where little students perform songs, dance, skits and plays. Kids handcraft gifts and cards on this occassion and present them to their friends and teachers. In some schools, the children organize a classroom party and put all the valentines into a box they have decorated. The celebration culminates with a teacher or child distributing the cards.

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From anti-Valentine’s Day parties to 5-hour long happy hours here are some ideas for what to do on Valentine’s Day to unite with fellow singles. 1 Mortified: Washington, D.C. & Boston Mortified.

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This process of dissecting humour does not necessarily banish a sense of humour but begs attention towards its politics and assumed universality Khanduri

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When is Valentine’s Day? Sweet and romantic festival of Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 every year in most countries around the world. Date of the festival has its origin from the February Fertility festival of Feast of Lupercalia celebrated in pagan times during mid-February. Later, the feast of Lupercalia was turned into a Christian celebration and named Valentine’s Day to honor the date of martyrdom of Saint Valentine. According to legends, Saint Valentine was a patron saint of lovers who was executed on February Scholars also believe that February 14 was chosen for the romantic festival of Valentine’s Day because of the popular belief in England and France that birds began to look for their mate from February

Love stinks! 21 bar specials and events for D.C. singles around Valentine’s Day.

Unique Valentines Day Love Gifts. Looking for cheap and creative Valentines Day date ideas? Check out our top 10 date ideas, must-see details and more V-Day inspiration here. Need some Valentines Day ideas? Weve got 19 Romantic Valentines Day date night ideas for you to enjoy with the one you love. Looking for fun and romantic things to do on Valentines Day? These Valentines Day date ideas will bring you and your partner closer together.

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